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Life is a movement

Since my studies, I have continuously been working on developing my own style and unique technique. I have been lucky enough to be involved in numerous projects together with innovative, international artists and am always looking for new, exciting challenges. If you want to learn more about my inspiration, style and work, get in touch.

About me

After many years of classical ballet and two years of dance development in Paris, I completed my training in Zurich at the Higher School of Contemporary and Urban Dance. I attended professional workshops for contemporary dance and improvisation in England, France, Germany and Switzerland. My internships were with choreographer Thierry Verger in Paris, Circus Monti and Scottish Dance Theater.
Besides dancing, I attended theater classes and martial arts training for years; called "tricking". Early on I danced in pieces by Marcel Leemann, with whom I still work today.
I choreographed for the dance & theater productions "Triptych" by Faust Gottes & Fetter Vetter, "(B)locked" by Arty Farty and "Die Winterreise 22" by the Gymnasium Hofwil, among others.
Since 2019 I am co-founder and on the board of Merge Dance Collective and dance with the collective in different pieces. Likewise, in 2019-2020 I danced in the Joshua Monten Dance Company and subsequently from 2021-2022 as the newest member of Compagnie O. in Zurich. Since April 2021 I am employed by Hermes Dance as a dancer or project leader for different productions. In addition, I am involved in smaller projects and teach at different high schools and dance schools.
In 2022/23 I was dancing for Merge Dance Collective as well as dancing for the choreographer Nora Werren. Furthermore, I am dancing for Kollektiv F and working together in Germany and Switzerland with choreographer/dancer Victor Rottier and choreographer/dancer Melissa Kieffer.
Since 2022 I am part of the Krump FAM Infinite and participated in the EBS European Buck Session 2022, Illest 2023-Preselection in Paris and in different Battles in Switzerland. I am actively trying to invest myself in and for the Swiss Krump scene and will premiere with my own piece "Comfortable Me" in February 2024.

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