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A glimpse

Since the beginning of my career, I have been able to enrich the performing arts industry with my own art. Each project embodies a life experience and has given me the opportunity to work with artists in Switzerland and internationally.

"I think we should think about how to share passion" - Royston Maldoom

I'm very much interested what energy represents in dance for other people. I like to work with different qualities, with isolated movements and chain reactions in the body. Inspired by Popping and Krumping I discovered new qualities I like to transmit through out my classes.

As an artist and as a member of the FAM INFINITE (Krumping crew), I'm always pushed to confront myself with my emotions and to give them the space to speak through my body. So I started to understand, that if you feel save and you can connect with yourself, you will pass your boundaries without thinking about it.

I'm always looking for new ways of communicating in dance and while teaching my main focus is to create a space where people want to explore what they are capable to.

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