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Bühnentiger 2022


by HermesDance

„Ä Schachtle voll Nüüt“ is a danced theater created by Karin Hermes in 2011. In 2022, 13 the "Bühnentigerinnen" danced and acted again, imaginatively exploring the infinite forms of nothingness to the live music of Nayan Stalder. Because nothingness can be everything that the head and body can produce.

Dancers: Hayet Annan, Nadra Annan, Matilda Balegno, Nadja Franz, Emma Ghadamian, Helena Howell, Márcia Hubacher, Jimena Hubacher, Neneh Pulver, Valentina Rychard, Lucy Schneider, Ava von Wattenwyl, Flurina Wirth

Production management: Agata Lawniczak

Choreographer & Performer: Niki Anjes Stalder

Choreographic assistant, performer and administrator: Julia Wechsler

Music: Nayan Stalder

Scenography: Christine Verena Glauser

Light: Daniel Tschanz

Picture: Nadja Rethey Prikkel

Based on an idea by Karin Hermes

Performed at the Beta Stage Young Festival

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