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by Merge Dance Collective

"Changemakers" is a piece about passionate dancers with visions. A piece about passionate characters, a gang full of different ideas and world views, who meet together on stage and enter into a dialogue. Off stage they are seen as crazy: crazy to have set a new dance company in this dance world, crazy to dream of a successful future. But together on stage, this foolish gang finds a safe haven.

"Changemakers" is a moving and energetic choreography by the Merge Dance Collective.

Music: Theo Diedenhofen

Costume: Jamina Vjosa Dervishaj

Choreography and dance: Arlette Dellers, Franka Feder, Niki Anjes Stalder, Linda Heller, Sandra Albrecht, Tatjana Mahlke, Juliane Steenbeck, Audrey Wagner

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