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Der widerwillige Walzer


by Merge Dance Collective

In the dance piece "Der widerwillige Walzer" three dancers and one dancer try to find each other, to dance and harmonize with each other, but it doesn't want to work properly. They avoid each other, want to determine where it goes through, are not in the same beat and only reluctantly look at each other. One dancer prefers to dance alone, another is always distracted. They dance their way through different music genres, looking for the right dance partner. Will they find it in the end?


Choreography: Audrey Wagner

Dancers: Franka Rosalie Feder, Giulia Esposito, Denis Cvetkovic, Audrey Wagner

Other dancers: Niki Anjes Stalder, Ariana Qizmolli, Jenoe Marranchelli, Neil Höhener

Picture: Jonathan Labusch

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