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Production manager

by Marcel Leemann

The second production for young dancers, in year 2 of the Corona crisis. Eleven young dancers, sent by Hypnos - the ancient Greek god of sleep - buzz out into the world and explore themselves: What dreams do we dream in this pandemic in-between world?


Or is everyone just lying awake?

Choreography: Marcel Leemann
Dramaturgy: Nicolas Streit 
Text: Nicolas Streit / Ensemble 
Stage: Marcel Leemann / Nicolas Streit, Pascal Pompe 
Music: Casanora 
Light design: Pascal Pompe 
Sound design: Lukas Erni 
Costumes: Paula Herrmann 
Grafic: Sophie Wagner 
Picture: Luca Goesto 
Production manager: Niki Anjes Stalder 
Administration: Daniela Burn-von Gunten 

Dancers: Filippo Franzese, Emma Hanekroot, Haruka Hirai, Luigi Imperato, Lies Lambrecht, Gian Luca Lazzarini, Blanca Lo Verde, Mara Peyer, Ilaria Rabagliati, Shuting Wang, Aisi Zhou

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