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Comfortable Me
Choreographer / Production manager

by Niki Anjes Productions

Niki Anjes Productions



What sets you apart from others? What makes you unique? Are you 'different'?


'Otherness' is an integral part of the Krump street dance style. Questions, feelings and desires around this topic are explored. Own and very personal stories are told. How does it feel to be 'different'? Is it a weakness or perhaps even a superpower? And if we could recreate ourselves right now - what would that look like? Under the choreographic direction of Niki Anjes Stalder, the Krump dancers explore these questions, with the dancers transforming into everyday superheroes on stage and entering into a dialogue with the audience through their dance.

Premiere: 23. Februar 2024, Schlachthaus Theater Bern

Further Shows: 24.-25.02.2024, Schlachthaus Theater Bern


Tour dates: 05. May 2024, Bee-Flat Festival Bern

12. July 2024, Pod'Ring Festival Biel

Choreography: Niki Anjes Stalder

Dance: Cyndy Asase, Florian Nsingi, Louis Lüthard, Jason Lopes Teixeira, Florent Kikwanza

Dramaturgy: Nora Steiner

Music: Claudius Leopold

Scenography: Rosanna Rotach

Outside Eye: Pascale Altenburger

Costume: Jamina Dervishaj

Lighting and technology: Pascal Pompe

External coaching: Giancarlo Marinucci

Picture: Muriel Rieben

Video: Gilson Dias


Production management: Niki Anjes Stalder


Co-produced with

Schlachthaus Theatre Bern

Supported by:

Burgergemeinde Bern

Ernst Göhner Foundation

Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung

Kulturförderung Stadt Bern

Kultur Kanton Bern

Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern

Ursula Wirz Stiftung

Gesellschaft zu Zimmerleuten

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