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by Vetter Fetter & Faust Gottes

Fetter Vetter & Oma Hommage team up with Faust Gottes

from Bern to form a megalomaniacal,

boundary-crossing collective, and together they

lift this brilliant experiment in form with a young ensemble,

two choirs, a solo singer and an orchestra.

Artistic director: Faust Gottes und Fetter Vetter & Oma Hommage

Directors: Sandro Griesser, Nadja Bietenhader

Damiàn Dlaboha, Christof Bühler

Assistant director: Gilda Laneve

Dramaturgy: Béla Rothenbühler, Barbara Boss

Music director: Moritz Achermann

Scenography: Elke Mulders

Stage design: Christof Bühler

Choreographer: Niki Anjes Stalder

Costumes: Senta Amacker

Actors: Annick Herren, Benjamin Barmettler

Christine Glauser, David Inauen

Désirée Akwamoa, Elias Barmettler

Jonas Luginbühl, Jonathan Fiebig, Jules Claude Gisler

Rafael Gil, Riccardo Legena, Sandro Niederberger

Sonja Barmettler

Photo: Rob Lewis Photography

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